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Get ready to take your dream life from side show to funfair! Starting today because life is now -not later on. And you, my friend, deserve to live a life that feels like a magic and makes you grow&glow as a human being.

bold website that empowers the human in you

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How to start living your dream life NOW. It all starts with small steps that transform your entire life
-without making you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

How to re-write your narrative after traumas so you can take your dreams on a fun-filled adventure. Yes, you heard it right: I'll be guiding you to a place where fears are conquered and dreams reigns.

If you're an entrepreneur or you're a wannabe-entrepreneur, you'll learn how to fulfill your purpose as a full/part-time entrepreneur and boost your dreams with confidence using the power of mindset and magic-proof strategies.

in this new website you will learn:

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You're one-of-a-kind. And that's why your needs are too. I offer a variety of packages that are tailored to serve your vision and your budget, because you deserve the best. I'm here helping you to unlock your full potential in life and/or in business, build bold heart-led business and achieve game-changing results by having a clear goals with strategies that makes your life easier (instead of making you feel overwhelmed)

Serial entrepreneur with +20 years of experience as a life&business empowerer, writer, speaker and  creative. I'm a self-love educator, three-time cancer survivor/burnout survivor, mother, wife and BFF that makes life a funfair. 

Hi friend, I'm Mira.

meet your educator&BFF

♥Amina Mohamed,

”Mira, you made me speechless -in a good way. I feel like you’re the flow, you buust me up and take me forward.  Before we met, I felt like ”Oh, I’ll do this and that when I’ve got time.” But after we met, I’ve got so much ideas from you and I’ve been coming back to your website and to your Instagram so many times. I am thankful our paths have crossed and I can’t wait our next meeting. 💜”

Transformation 1


"I strongly recommend Mira's services -even in that point where you wonder do you even have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I needed someone who would kick my ass and advices that I wouldn't get any other trainings. Basically, practical help and advices. A roadmap where to start and which steps to follow in order to get forward. My own thoughts were (and from time to time still are) a pretty buzzy, so I needed someone to get the hang of my thoughts. And Mira, you really did that. Our coaching call take of smoothly and vigorous, without feeling too cold. I felt like Mira really wanted to help precisely me. Chatting with Mira felt so natural that I got a brand new information, that doesn't read in any business guides, without even noticing it. 

Transformation 2


"For real Mira, when I saw your newest post on my IG feed, my eyes misted over. Just couple hours earlier I was so anxious that I felt anxious enough to disappearing back to those scary bulimic times. Then you came to my mind and I think to myself what would Mira say. I imagined you would say something like "Just breathe, my friend. And start working that love towards your lovely self." Then I calmed down. And NOW you've published this gorgeous photo of you in jeans and bras with thoughts about self-love. 😭💖 I'm not sure is there some kind of power above us today that sends my thoughts forward or what -I really don't know. But I felt like telling you. Mira, you are lovely. 💜”

Transformation 3


“I needed help with LinkedIn and I I stumble across Mira's training. We scheduled a 1-hour remote training via phone. During the training, I was able to achieve so many upgrades into my LinkedIn profile and also creating a business page. I got concrete examples of how LinkedIn works, what kind of content to create and how to communicate with other LinkedIn members. Luckily I took the training because now I feel that I'm 100 times wiser and more confident. I highly recommend Mira's services. She definitely knows a lot about running a business in a digital age."

Trasformation 4 


“Mira, your business coaching call was very useful. It clarified my services and I got new perspectives on which way to go from now on. Your crisp and clear advices really help me to keep going forward. I felt like giving up, but with your practical advices I have succeed in doing my businesses's websites in just a ONE week. Launching my website is all I've got left to do. I strongly recommend Mira's services as a start-up entrepreneur."

Transformation 5


“Mira, I read your story frequently. Because you and your story inspire me to keep doing my thing. 🥰 Thank you so much for that! It's amazing how our dreams help us making it through tough times. 🙏🏽"

Transformation 6

ceo at koruttamo

“I admit, before the scheduled call with Mira, I felt kind of skeptical towards the training because I'd already talked with similar service providers and I didn't get much new things and tips to my own business from them. However, Mira's free training confirmed a lot of my own thoughts and plans to develop my business. With these strategies I'm certain that I'm capable of moving forward with my business even faster starting now -not only after many years. I highly recommend Mira's services to other business owners -especially to those who want to grow their businesses and for that reason want to think about different options and receive tips from a variety of 

Transformation 7


"Mira, I just love how you share your vulnerability here on social media. Because, to be honest, sometimes I notice how I'm dwelling on that feeling like I'm all alone.

And then suddenly you come along and I notice how I think to myself, "Hey Camilla, you're never alone with your feelings and thoughts. 💜"

Transformation 8

♥Male wellness entrepreneur, forty-something

"Thank you Mira! We scheduled a 15-minute phone call where we brainstormed ideas for my wellness company's advertising; how to proceed, how to get visibility and clients. I must say that I believe that Mira has got her positive energy and creativity from her mother's milk because ideas started to fly right away in a professional and at the same time in a relaxed and encouraged atmosphere. I have a issue with grasping things and getting things done but somehow Mira was able to plant a seed in me so I got an attitude to getting things done. Mira did it in a determined way so that I knew how to proceed but at the same time Mira gave me a room so it didn't felt oppressive. That's a skill that's difficult to manage but Mira knows how to do that and for Mira, it comes naturally.  Mira also had ability to get the hang of my unfinished thoughts so we were able to work with my thoughts with the eyes of marketing. As a result, after the coaching call with Mira, I've worked for a few hours and I have landed multiple clients. I highly recommend Mira's services!"

Transformation 9

♥riikka rastiola, provides social media services

"I know that this is not the best place to film this video review. Anyway, I was so inspired by my last week conversation with Mira. I also joined to the Facebook group just like Mira advised me to do. And when I got in to that group, I was actually really triggered by it -in a positive way.
Because I saw there so many potential clients, people that I could really help. First, I was just spinning my head and thinking that this isn't going to work; this Facebook group is awful. Then, I started to think: what would Mira think and do? And I knew that Mira would think that: here is a possibility to something new. You know what I mean if you know Mira."

Transformation 10

♥lauren barlow, Empowertalk podcast guest
and business coach&consultant

"It was lovely getting to chat with Mira for the podcast, she always has great discussions and provides lots of insight! 

Transformation 11


"Two hours went like wings on a coaching call with Mira."

Transformation 12

female entrepreneur - professional guidance, transformation coach, short therapy & hypnosis

"Thank you Mira for so far! I feel like you really heard me and got to know the real me and what do I want as an entrepreneur. Being with you feels relaxing and really nice. I love how you get excited with me and share with me the feel of creating something new."

Transformation 13

female professional content creator,
photo- and videographer and young innovative entrepreneur

"Thank you Mira so much 💜 It was such an inspiring classes with you.  Also, thank you for setting fire to my own believe that I'm capable."

Transformation 14

Kind words

Together we’ll get raw and real, uncovering your hidden gem and forging it into a your lasting legacy.

from struggling to bold